Barca d`Alva – Porto
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Barca d`Alva – Porto



1º day – ” Welcome day”

  • Its the arrival day, we advised who arrives at Porto with enough time to rest from travelling by plane or car. If travelling by plane we will receive you at the airport (OPORTO) by one of our guides and they will take you to your hotel /accommodation. We will have time to visit the emblematic places of the city of Porto, all by a panoramic bus.
  • At night you will have a free dinner with a fantastic view to the “presépio” which is the ribeira do Porto World heritage , classified by UNESCO .
  • You will also be given information about the expedition.

2º day – ” The Expedition begins!”

  • In the beautiful train station of São Bento, we will catch a train to Pocinho that will take 3h30m. This region is marked by the oldest region in wine, enchanted valleys , crystalline waters. This valley is protected ans classified by UNESCO by heritage and humanity.
  • We will have lunch at Pocinho, then we will go to Barca d´Alva where we will have all the information and safety rules. Dinner will also be at Barca d` Alva.

3º day – “The Expedition begins, on water!”

(Barca d´Alva / Pocinho – 26.13km / 16.23 miles)

  • There will be a 26km distance between Barca d`Alva and Pocinho. We will have time to swim in the river and hear the sounds of nature.
  • When we reach 18km we will pass by one of the tributaries of Douro, called Coa.

4º day – “Exploring Sabor river and visit a Port Wine farm”

(Pocinho / Ferradosa – 30.65km / 19.05miles)

  • On the fourth day of expedition we will sail through the afluente, River Sabor (3km-2.10miles). Here we will have the opportunity to explore a little Island where you can swim in the calm water of this river. We will continue to travel along the Douro river, between narrow valley cliffs, where the sound of nature echoes.
  • We will arrive to Freixo de Numao , where we will have lunch and rest so then we can travel 10km to Ferradosa, where we have an accomadation awaiting us in a cenery of natural beauty.

5º day – ” The Mountains where Port wine is produced”

( Ferradosa / Pinhão – 24.62km / 15.30 miles)

  • After resting near the natural beauty , we are going to travel by a valley full of vineyards. Here you can observe the beauty of this landscape, relax in this peacefull place or meditate if you wish.
  • We will have lunch , dinner and sleep at Foz do Tua at the town of Pinhão surrounded by hills covered by vineyards.

6º day – “The Marathon day!”

(Pinhão / Caldas de Aregos – 47.46km / 29.49miles)

  • Today our day will be longer in distance , but nothing will stop us , because every km travelled has been great for its nature beauty and more, making us just want to see more and more . Here the valley of Douro is magic which will take us to our little world. In the end we will have a suprise awaiting us.

7º day – “Destiny – Between rivers”

(Caldas de Aregos /  Entre-os-rios – 27.85km / 17.31miles)

  • Carrapatelo Dam (11.54km, 7.17miles). The Carrapatelo dam has the largest gap of all dams in the basin of the Douro . We will have lunch in Espadanedo and will continue our trip to Entre-os-rios where Tamega the river which flows into the Douro. The green and the  vineyards are replaced by the green of the forest, agricultural fields and small villages along the valley. We will stay in a village in Douro.

8º day – “The final destination – Oporto”

(Entre-os-rios –  Oporto 41,28km / 25.52miles)

  • Today is the last day of our expedition, but still the landscapes continue to fill us with joy invading and already leaving us the feeling that we will miss this wonderfull week . Porto awaited us , for a memorable dinner and to say goodbye.

The price of expedition includes

  • – Liability insurance
  • – Life jackets
  • – 5 meals a day
  • – Transport
  • – Kayak
  • – Book of remembrance

For reservations or more information, please contact by email – or mobile phone – 00 351 916 194 664