First condition

The 7 River Expeditions organize all expeditions that advertises a minimum  of 8 particpantes.

Second condition

All participantes should be  ate least 14 years of age or older.

Third condition

The minor participantes should have na authorization signed by the parents or guardian  to participate in the organizied expedition  by 7 River Expeditions.

Fourth condition

All participantes with physical limitations, pathologies and allergies to any food, must notify 7 Rivers Expeditions in the given form.

Five condition

The 7 Rivers Expeditions reserves the right to cancel a shipment if 3 weeks before  the begging of the expedition there isnt a minimum number of participants. 7 Rivers Expeditions will refund the amount paid by the enrollees to date.

Sixth condition

7 Rivers Expeditions reserves the right not to return any amount paid, in case of unjustified waivers, except for reasons of sudden illness or death of the own or family member.

Seven condition

The expeditions are carried out in 2-seat kayak and rowing boats (Shell 8 +). In order to make a rowing expedition (Shell 8+), rowing is mandatory. To carry out a kayak expedition, you do not need  experience on this type of boat.

Eight condition

The 7 Rivers Expeditions on all expeditions will have experienced guides to accompany.

Nine condition

7 Rivers Expeditions reserves the right to cancel any scheduled shipment up to 48 hours before the begging of any weather changes or river navigability in order to prevent safe conditions.  The amount paid by the participant will be refunded.

Tenth condition

All expeditions have a program, however 7 Rivers Expeditions can change a program given due to weather reasons, accident / illness of a guide or participant or damage to a vessel.