I have never river kayaked before, how safe is it?

Our kayaks are stable and comfortable, even for those guests with less experienced. A pré- launch training session will give you some of the basic skills that will help keep you safe while your guides are well versed in paddling, the area and general safety. They are right there with you the whole time to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

How many people are usually on the expeditions?

Each expeditions has a minimum of 8 participants and 14 maximum.

How much paddling will we do?

Each expedition is organized per km / miles day. The average of time on the water is 5 / 6 hours per day.

What kind of physical condition do i need to be in?

All the expeditions organized by 7 rivers expeditions hasn t require any particular physical condition.

People of all ages and fitness levels enjoy kayaking as it can be a very low impact activity.  Should you have upper body conditions affecting arms, wrists or hands,  or any other pathologies, please contact us.

Does anyone tip over?

It can happen. Part of your pre-launch training session is instruction and demonstration of what to do in the event of capsize. Should it happen, our qualified guides have had extensive training in rescue and have the skills to deal with any situation that may arise. Their focus is on prevention rather than cure. Also it is good to mention that all the participants wear life jackets

What should I wear?

We recommend that you bring two sets of clothing for your kayaking tour. One set that you will primarily wear while in the kayaks. This should consist of layer-able clothes that will cope well and remain comfortable should they get damp or even wet. The second set of clothing is for around camp and should be selected to keep you warm and cozy during the evening. Again layers provide maximum flexibility. Avoid jeans and cotton shirts or sweaters,as once they get damp they can be very tough to dry and provide you with minimal residual warmth. If you can stick with synthetic quick dry materials or wool for your clothing, you will likely have a much better experience in our wilderness.

Which airport should I flight to and from?

The meeting point of all our expeditions is in Oporto, thus if possible flight to Oporto, if not flight to Lisbon, one of our guides will meet you there.

How can I get more information about Portugal?

Visit the website www.portugal.com and www.visitportugal.com

What is included in the expedition package?


  • Experienced professional guides.
  • kayaks, paddles, life jackets
  • Liability insurance
  • Support vehicle for entire expedition.
  • A small dry bag for personal items needed while on the river.
  • Transfers from Porto or Lisbon, if you fly from an European country or overseas.
  • 5 meals per day.
  • Bottled drinking mineral water.
  • Book of remembrance

What if I get sick or have an accident?

Kayaking has some inherent risks. Sickness and accidents can spoil an otherwise enjoyable time and really wreck a budget. Therefore, you must have a comprehensive travel insurance policy. You must be covered against loss of baggage, illness, accidents, trip cancellation and  the very unlikely necessity, of emergency medical evacuation. Please revise the claim process and inform us of the contact information when you sign on this expedition.